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Depression changes how you think and feel, and also affects your physical well-being. Feeling sad or blue for a few days is not depression, which can last for weeks and months at a time. If feelings of sadness or hopelessness persist and grow, and begin to interfere with work, school or family responsibilities, it may be depression. Unfortunately, depression is frequently misdiagnosed, because symptoms resemble other physical illnesses, such as sleep and appetite disturbances.

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Book Recommendation

The Chemistry of Joy : A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern WisdomThe Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom
by: Henry Emmons, Rachel Kranz

Book Description
The Chemistry of Joy presents Dr. Emmons's natural approach to depression— supplemented with medication if necessary — blending the best of Western science and Eastern philosophy to create your body's own biochemistry of joy. Integrating Western brain chemistry, natural and Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist psychology, and his own joyful heart techniques, Dr. Emmons creates a practical program for each of the three types of depression: anxious depression, agitated depression, and sluggish depression. The Chemistry of Joy helps you to identify which type of depression you are experiencing and provides a specific diet and exercise plan to address it, as well as nutritional supplements and "psychology of mindfulness" exercises that can restore your body's natural balance and energy. This flexible approach creates newfound joy for those whose lives have been touched by depression — and pathways for all who seek to actively improve their emotional lives.

Customer Review
Rating: Reviewer gives A Chemistry of Joy 5 out of 5 Stars! A Superb Book!
Dr. Emmons' book is a great gift to people who suffer from depression as well as to their families and friends. It addresses an extremely complex problem with competence and clarity, warmth and compassion, and with great respect for the reader -- a remarkable accomplishment. I have suffered from mild depression. My spouse has had serious clinical depression. We have found Dr. Emmons' book to be a valuable reference to which we can turn for reliable information, both general and specific. Better yet, as we read this book, it almost felt as though Dr. Emmons was right there with us, offering not only wisdom and counsel but his gentle and healing presence of encouragement and hope as well. The combination of Western science and Eastern wisdom is a welcome contribution to the literature on depression and is presented in a very accessible way. I hope that the many people who suffer from depression, as well as those who treat them, will find their way to this superb resource.